Singles With Lachlan: Christmas Special

I was asked to review a bunch of new Christmas songs straight after Meredith and let me tell you the current mood is not great.

PENTATONIX : God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

This sounds like what would happen if Hillsong made their own Westworld but each robot’s narrative involved ‘singing like an absolute fuckwit’.


SHE & HIM : Let It Snow

This isn’t great but you know what is great? The New Girl. Probs the best show of this decade and should be remembered as such okay. Honestly a classic.


JOSH GROBAN : Have Yourself A Very Merry Christmas

Josh Groban is a chill dude and I’m fully here for him looking like a young Barry Gibb on the cover art for this song.



JOHN FARNHAM & OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN : Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Take notes you young motherfuckers, this is how it’s done. Pure fucking class, on every level. Playful but wholesome, capturing the essence of the song, putting their own spin on it – incredible vocal dynamic, never over-reaching. When it comes to this year’s batch of Chrissy albums, these two are operating on a whole other level. They only lose marks for not naming their joint project ‘Olivia Newton-John Farnham’.