Singles With Lachlan: Camp Cope, The Veronicas & More

She embodies everything music should be. Thank you, Sharon Jones 


CAMP COPE : Keep Growing

A slinky, dreamy number from power trio Camp Cope, hitting that sweet balancing point between a communal triumph and something direct and intimate. After releasing their ripper self-titled debut earlier in the year, you could forgive Camp Cope for taking their foot off the pedal to coast out 2016. Instead, they’ve given us indication that they’re only just getting started. Get ready for lift-off.



Somewhere between ballad and banger, On Your Side doesn’t do either spectacularly, but it hits the mark in terms of on-trend tropical-infused pop. At the risk of damning with faint praise, it’s listenable, but not ahead of the curve.


PEARLS : Superstar

Not sure if the world is ready for a mid-2000s dance-punk revival, but if this direction from Pearls is any indication, I can safely say I’m not ready for a mid-2000s dance-punk revival. Or it might just be the case that this song is shithouse, mired with monotone pulse and bland platitude.


SHEPPARD : We Belong

Do not listen to this song. Not even out of curiosity. It is a musical aberration. An affront to everything decent in this world. A harrowing symptom of society’s ills. The perfect soundtrack to the waking nightmare that is 2016. Fuck you Sheppard. Fuck you all to hell.