Singles With Lachlan: Camp Cope get angry, Rainbow Chan sings of empowerment, and more

It was a sight to behold. A little bloke of giant stature, striding to the mic while his mortal being spluttered in unholy rhythm under a mop of hair, barking out feral cries of “T.N.T”, and “DONE. DIRT. CHEAP”, and did it for 40 years without mucking about. Malcolm Young, you will live forever.

Single Of The Week

Camp Cope : The Opener

Personal is political, and Camp Cope navigate the spectrum with precision both expansive and refined on new single ‘The Opener’. A slinky, dextrous bassline disarms as a crescendo of raw truths regarding sexism in the music industry are unleashed. “It’s another man telling us we can’t fill up the room / It’s another man telling us to book a smaller venue”.


King IV : Bump

For ‘Bump’, King IV blows out instrumentation to filthy levels, along the lines of Kanye’s ‘I’m In It’, with industrial embellishments forging distinct personality. Meanders towards the close, yet retains a potent energy.


Rainbow Chan : The Creator

Sparse, chirpy tones give space to breathe, Rainbow Chan stretching out to establish a foothold of empowerment. Thematically, it’s the antidote to Aronofsky’s Mother!.


Heaps Good Friends : I Could Eat A Full Packet Of Yo Yo’s

My initial thought here is, “Where can you cop a store-bought packet of yo yos?” But it turns out Heaps Good Friends are from a far-off land called ‘Adelaide’, where yo yos are different than the biccies Victorians know and love. The song itself indulges a silly, lo-fi pop charm, with moments of compositional strength off-setting flashes of style best relegated to the mid-2000s.