Singles With Lachlan: Bec Sandridge, Julien Baker & more

Blade Runner 2049 marks the first time a sequel has without a doubt been better than the previous 2048 instalments.

Single Of The Week

Bec Sandridge : I’ll Never Want A BF

On synth-pop belter ‘I’ll Never Want A BF’, Bec Sandridge nails the fundamentals in terms of conventional song construction to set up an understated podium for striking, operatic vocal flourish. Daring idiosyncrasies never divert from the directness of the song’s message. A singalong anthem that dares you to have a crack at the high notes.


Julien Baker : Turn Out The Lights

Julien Baker provides a clear window of introspection on ‘Turn Out The Lights’, crafting a sparseness which serves as a countdown to a spectacular eruption. Even as it expands into fanfare, Baker retains masterful, singular control – parlaying inner conflict into a monumental display. 


Baker Boy ft Yirrmal : Marryuna

Bursting through with a bombastic mix of bass and didge, Baker Boy goes large and doesn’t let up throughout ‘Marryuna’, pulling off festival-ready Australian hip hop with a hook from Yirrmal. He continues the promising trajectory of previous cut ‘Cloud 9’, scaling up in terms of scope and energy.


Totally Mild : Today Tonight

A swirl of resonant schmaltz and underlying hints of unease paint the picture on ‘Today Tonight’, the first salvo from Totally Mild’s upcoming Her. The crescendo of “Today I got it right for the first time in a while / Saw some friends and went outside,” finds celebration, followed by a disorientating, yet comforting, release of searing disarray.