Singles With Lachlan: Baker Boy, Eilish Gilligan & More

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Single Of The Week

Baker Boy ft Kian : Cloud 9

Blending bars rapped in Yolngu Matha and English, Baker Boy showcases impeccable flow that justifies the braggadocio on the hook. Cloud 9 never relents, didge fleshing out the on-point production. One of the strongest Australian hip hop tracks of the year so far.


Eilish Gilligan : The Feeling

The masterstroke of The Feeling lies in its ability to retain immediate intimacy while stretching out in a dynamic expanse. It sublimates from subtle pulse into an elegant groove while being guided by Eilish’s empowered vocals.  


Death From Above : Freeze Me

Death From Above 1979 follow up their 2014 album that I totally forgot existed with new cut Freeze Me, dropping the ‘1979’ from their name in the process. For some reason. Freeze Me feels a bit pointless, but there’s a pretty sick blown-out bass solo that emboldens over-arching urgency with flashes of danger that defined their debut record. Singing becomes a bigger focus than riffs, which makes sense in the context of mid-2000s lo-fi not translating well into 2017. But that doesn’t necessarily make it better.


Kirin J Callinan ft Connan Mockasin : Living Each Day

There’s a touch of Randy Newman’s Trouble In Paradise about Kirin J Callinan’s new LP Bravado, dealing primarily in blunt, dry wit. It’s here on Living Each Day and its upbeat chorus cry of “Shrug off the urge to systematically kill.” Just because it’s taking the piss, it doesn’t make it less real.