Singles With Lachlan: Ariel Pink, Bjork & more

You can believe ­– and I mean really believe – every single word Charles Bradley ever sung. Rest in power.

Single Of The Week

Ariel Pink : Time To Live

I dare say this is Ariel Pink’s most triumphant moment, and perhaps his best. There’s something about the pure sentiment forming among the organised chaos. Time To Live is the ultimate master’s degree from the school of R Stevie Moore, using homespun alchemy to concoct priceless fool’s gold.


Amaya Laucirica : More Than This

A burn both slow and immense, More Than This delicately exerts grace over an underlying seer. Fair chance that in 20 years’ time there’ll be a reboot of Lost In Translation with Chris Pratt singing this at karaoke.


Björk : The Gate

There’s a playfulness on The Gate, in the rolling of Rs, feathering away from the devastation of Vulnicura while still beholden to that emotion with weakened tethers. All set to an orchestra of deep bass ripples and futurist harps, thanks in part to a continued collaborative rapport with producer Arca.


Cosmic Psychos : Better In The Shed

There are shades of Let There Be Rock in Cosmic Psychos’ new belter Better In The Shed, the narrative of creation more narrow and self-contained. It’s an exercise of finding meaning in the meaninglessness, the song ostensibly disparaging itself and its chords that don’t fit, and its “cunt of a riff,” and coming out stronger because of it. The cameo from Amyl & The Sniffers’ Amy Taylor and Killerbirds’ Nadine Muller adds to it all.