Singles With Lachlan: Angie McMahon, Sampa The Great & more

Hearing rumours of AFL trades.

Single Of The Week
Angie Mcmahon : ‘Slow Mover’

A stop-start rock‘n’roll chug emboldens with a playfulness that offsets a tale of despair, transforming into triumph and hope. Lines could be played as punchlines, instead finding their power in wry restraint. ‘Slow Mover’ is stripped back to the point of allaying convention, while wielding convention at impactful moments – an alt-country-leaning middle eight leads to ignition. It’s a beaut.
Sampa The Great : ‘Rhymes To The East’
Yet another masterclass in dextrous flow from Sampa The Great. ‘Rhymes To The East’ marries punchy bars over an impossibly smooth instrumental. There’s ballet before the technical knockout of “Rhymes: beast, motherfucker,” a meticulous whirlwind of grace and power. Sampa The Great is showing, not telling, why there’s a case for an –est suffix on her title.
The Cactus Channel : ‘Leech’

Layering elements of jazz with considered breathing space, The Cactus Channel guide swells to compound emotive beats. Downtempo soul aims to soothe, rather than provide joyous release. Latch on, you can feel the gentle elevation.
DMA’S : ‘Dawning’

Augmenting Britpop reverence with something a little closer to home, DMA’s burst out of the gates with shades of Paul Kelly’s ‘Before Too Long’. It works, to the extent of being pleasantly listenable, longing for something a little rougher around the edges, just a hint of guard being let down. Not asking for full knockabout charm, just a brief spark of connection.