Singles With Lachlan: Alice Ivy, Lorde and More

What is Hugh Jackman’s favourite berry? Loganberry. (Please note this joke is less corny than the ending of Logan.)

Single Of The Week

Alice Ivy Ft E^St & Charlie Threads : Get Me A Drink

I’m a sucker for ripper opening lines, and “I’ve thrown up everywhere” is an absolute belter. Alice Ivy’s greatest strength is dexterity, cutting between lanes like a hovercraft, still totally in control.


Lorde : Liability

It’s hard to tell if Liability is timeless, or from another era. It’s tempting to fall into the paradox of ‘they don’t make songs like this anymore’. Lorde zigs just when you think she’ll zag, dropping a barebones arrangement showcasing something perfectly elegant. It’s a lyrical masterclass, every syllable precious. You can just picture a 10,000-plus crowd acting as backing choir on every note. Lorde isn’t looking sideways. She’s looking to the stars.


Fleet Foxes : Third of May / Ōdaigahara

After a prolonged dormancy (to sit out that whole nu-folk explosion thing), Fleet Foxes pick up where they left off on Third of May / Ōdaigahara, sounding very much like the Fleet Foxes we know. There’s an aversion to rallying chorus, instead aspiring for rewarding density. It gets there, for the most part.


Young M.A. : Hot Sauce

Over woozy, disorienting production, Young M.A proves why she’s one of the most promising rap prospects the US currently has to offer, making it all sound so effortless while still pulling no punches.