Singles With Lachlan: Alex Cameron,Culture Abuse & More

Special shout-out to ceramic heaters. Love your work.

Single of the Week:

Alex Cameron : Candy May

In his compelling solo guise, Alex Cameron has turned being down and out into an artform – his ostensible slow-burn of success since 2013’s Jumping The Shark having fleshed out production, but not temperament on new single Candy May. There’s less urgency than what was shown on Jumping The Shark, cloaked in an air of resignation. Or maybe it’s focus. New album Forced Witness isout this September.


Princess Nokia : G.O.A.T.

Creeping blown-out bass serves as a platform for Princess Nokia’s succinct flurry of raw boast. Each bar hits the mark, and if the idea is to leave wanting more, G.O.A.T. does the job. Could well act as an intro track for the next chapter of the now-signed Princess Nokia.


Flight Facilities ft Emma Louise : Arty Boy

Featherweight disco grates against percussive sample triggers throughout Arty Boy, doing Emma Louise’s intimate vocal a disservice in the process. Sparseness works when it’s interesting. This isn’t interesting, more like a patchwork demo bunged in the microwave barely enough for a reheat.


Culture Abuse : So Busted

A slinky lil’ melody threads So Busted , compounding the sweet nothing platitudes that build to a sweet something. A simple garage-rock love ditty that reverberates above its weight.