Singles With Lachlan: Aldous Harding, Kendrick Lamar and More

Melbourne still has four seasons in one day, but it’s just that all of them are winter again.

Single of the Week:

Aldous Harding : Imagining My Man

Good, good grief, this is an absolute doozy. Aldous Harding puts the fun in funereal courtesy of a few disarming schoolyard shouts of “hey!”. It’s a masterful, bold piece of work, taking emotional hold without respite. On every level, this song is fucking beautiful. What we’ve heard so far from upcoming album Party has all been solid indication for an album of the year contender. I can’t wait.


Jessica Says : Rock Candy

A power-pop ballad loaded with longing and vice, Rock Candy deals with themes of ephemeral pleasure, showing that it’s pleasure all the same. It’s a comprehensive vision, compounding lyrical prose with complementary aesthetics. New album Do With Me What U Will is out this May.


Jade Imagine : Walkin’ Around

The moment is savoured on Walkin’ Around, exquisite with understated flourish. Guitars dance together, chiming and snaking like natural wonders. It extracts aspiration from ennui, with delicately crafted moments of power.


Kendrick Lamar : Humble

Kenny has created a monster, again. The Mike Will beat has shades of hip-hop classic etched within, while Kendrick is domineering through sheer directness. If any other rappers tried to pull this off, the risk of being contrived is there. But Kendrick is at the top of his game. Again.