Singles With Lachlan: Aldous Harding, Eilish Gilligan & more

Single of the week is actually The Killers – ‘Mr Brightside’ (feat. Jack Riewoldt).

Single Of The Week

Aldous Harding : ‘Elation’

Consolidating album-of-the-year credentials for her pristine second album Party, Aldous Harding has put forth ‘Elation’, a track from the Party recording sessions that didn’t make it onto the final album. ‘Elation’ flows with grace, and pained control, hinting at elation while never fully indulging in joyous recourse. A standalone most serene.


Wolf Alice : ‘Beautifully Unconventional’

Tidy, riff-driven indie-rock, brandishing a directness that works, especially in the context of dextrous LP Visions Of A Life (leading into the sprawling nostalgia-pop of ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ on its tracklist). ‘Beautifully Unconventional’ packs a catchy punch, keeping its ambition within reach.


Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile : ‘Continental Breakfast’

Between this and previous single ‘Over Everything’, the dream duet of Courtney and Kurt is extending beyond the sum of its parts, farming their common ground while providing due reverence for the space between. Madcap rhyming couplets are shared with an easy cool. It’s all so wonderfully sweet.


Eilish Gilligan : ‘Creature Of Habit’

An electronica meditation on parlaying astrological discourse into personal connections, celebrating the paradox of “I’d be lying if I said I knew where I was going / Where I was going with you” while consulting a zodiac roadmap. It builds with cascading elements, interlocking minute hand claps and blanketing synths.