Singles With Lachlan: Aldous Harding, Cable Ties and More

Glad the Grammys could find a fellow openly British artist in Adele to pay tribute to George Michael.

Single Of The Week

Aldous Harding : Horizon

Daring inflections embolden barebones arrangement to devastating effect on Horizon. Harding meditates on moments, on melodies, with impeccable mastery – cracks opening in the darkness. That’s how the light gets in.


Cable Ties : The Producer

Like sun gleaming of a switchblade, The Producer is a sinister kind of beauty. There’s invigoration in its unrelenting resolve – sharply jabbed, but in it for the long haul. See this live and it’ll knock your boots off, into the air. 


Future Islands : Ran

Ehhhh this feels like a whole heap of nothin’, a flaccid epilogue to mainstream pop’s dancehall obsession. The chorus doesn’t even have a contrived inspo message, so it won’t even work as a bullshit reality TV theme. The top half of Teenage Dream (the album)is still classic but so is that Katy Perry doco.


Kane Strang : Oh So You’re Off I See

I saw Kane Strang in en-zed over New Year’s and kinda dug his vibe, and I’m diggin’ this track, crafting a vibrant dynamic that belies the over-arching thematic ennui. Ripper title, also.