Singles: Fall Out Boy, Sarah Mary Chadwick & More

Happy Humpday the 13th, everyone. Stay spooky/horny.

FALL OUT BOY FEAT. MISSY ELLIOT : Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid)

This is so fucking dumb that it kinda works? Like getting a non trending band to whip up a cover of one of cinematic history’s best themes with dubstep tropes in 2016 doesn’t work on any level. We need a Missy Elliot renaissance, and this isn’t it. This is something some wanky Apatow-level in joke Hollywood parody would cook up as a punchline. And there’s something admirable in that. Also, it sounds like old mate actually shoots a load off while singing ‘busting makes me feel good’.



Those electronic snare rolls are little fist pumps, hundreds of low key triumphs. It’s homespun pop in the R Stevie Moore vein, a crafting of mood with meandering synth sax melody. You can really hold on to this, it’ll take you to higher ground. Now chop us an Oz tour, ay?


BLOOD ORANGE : Augustine

A great energy flows through Augustine, its electronic rhythm section carrying a heartbeat that’s up-tempo but assuring. R&B pop reached a bit of a stylistic nadir of sorts in the past few years, with many trying to slipstream in the wake of House Of Balloons. Dev Hynes has always carved his own path, and reinvigorates nostalgic tones on his own terms. There’s plenty of substance with style, too. New album Freetown Sound is a must listen.




There’s no bullshit on Cool It. There’s a beginning and an end, poetry in between, every moment counts. There’s raw emotion, as there is on every Sarah Mary Chadwick track, emboldened by a real embrace of songcraft. Choruses land with impact, it’s full of moments, and breathing space. The track is tough work to unpack, but it’s rewarding work all the same. One line gives upcoming album Roses Always Die its title, which is due early August.