Singles: DD Dumbo, Empire Of The Sun, 100% & More

How Jakey Stringer got his groove back: the Dogs 2016 finals story (please).

DIE ANTWOORD : We Have Candy

For all their many shortcomings, I kinda dig some of Die Antwoord’s rave rap bangers. We Have Candy is dumb. Not even dumb fun. It’s vaudevillian idiocy, a diss track at Starbucks I think. Sometimes novelty isn’t novel.


DD DUMBO : Walrus

There are shades of Dirty Projectors’ guitar flourish, and their vocal stunts, also, in Walrus. It largely works, coming together for a series of moments quite easy on the ears. It carries with a gentle, welcoming momentum. There’s nothing mind-blowing here, but a nice follow up from previous single, Satan. Some tricks work ­– the surprise love-invoking folk breakdown – and some don’t, the overwrought vocal-play loop at the end. Still, the debut album is set to be a corker.



Can whoever is booking these cunts for festival headline slots (it seems to be no one in Australia, so you’re off the hook) stop encouraging these festering shit-grade insipid attempts at car ad anthems? Cheers.


DANNY BROWN : Pneumonia

Danny Brown usually makes quite fun music. This isn’t fun, but it’s stunning growth. There’s no crutch of cheap hook, instead diving into gritty production, a world away from molly anthems, still engaging in its industrial palette. It’s a good sign for new album Atrocity Exhibition, out end of next month.



100% : Lost Youth

Brissie trio 100% push their synths into pyrotechnic fanfare on Lost Youth, stoking hypnotic momentum with incremental euphoria. It’s an exponential lift, each element utilised as a stepping stone for the next. It’s inspired. Taken from the album You Are 100%, out pretty soon-ish.