Singles: David Brent, Angel Olsen, Katie Dey & More

Jason Johannisen is the prime minister now okay.


This opens more like a Makonnen track: chirpy, good vibes. It blows out into a grimier middle ground for Skepta’s verses, still retaining nursery rhyme instrumentation. It’s a strange lil’ number, featherweight almost to the point of being throwaway, but it’s a breezy good time when taken at face value.


DAVID BRENT : Lady Gyspy

Leading up to the inevitable Office spinoff movie, Ricky Gervais releases a joke song as David Brent without any real jokes. I mean, there are attempts at jokes, and the commodity here is familiarity and reputation. The Office was flawless in its writing, but it was also a collaboration with Stephen Merchant – who is absent from this project. Gervais is so preoccupied with being offensive that he’s become inoffensive. It’s not awkward when it isn’t interesting.


ANGEL OLSEN : Shut Up Kiss Me

It’s been a top heavy year for LPs, with not much flagged as of yet for the remaining six months in terms of top tier full lengths. One shining beacon on the schedule is Angel Olsen’s My Woman, and if previous single Intern and Shut Up Kiss Me are any indication, it could blow what’s came before in 2016 outta the water. Shut Up Kiss Me is deft, arresting and abrupt. It conjures melodrama without ever succumbing to it, all power and control. I need more.


KLLO : Walls To Build

Settling into a balanced dynamic, Walls To Build is carried by a muted build that never really threatens to explode into banger territory, but never dips too far beneath the surface either. It’s a decent outing from Kllo, but not exactly revelatory.



MEAT LOAF : Going All The Way

Jim Steinman, who pretty much just used Meat Loaf as an instrument for Bat Out Of Hell, reteams with Meat for the new album Braver Than We Are. Here we have the first single, and it’s fucking shithouse. Not even funny shithouse. It’s sad. Not even sad like seeing your aunty tanked on piss belting out Paradise By The Dashboard Light at your cousin’s wedding sad. No one’s having a good time here. This isn’t reheated Meat Loaf, it’s reduced to clear Meat Loaf dumpster dived after marinating in rancid milk. Even Steinman’s arrangements seem microwaved. Bat Out Of Hell was ridiculous and fun, why not try and find this generation’s Meat Loaf and go for all out ridiculousness? Wait why do I care. I don’t. You shouldn’t either.



BV : Huh

The trio formerely known as Black Vanilla return with the down and dirty Huh, sexy as hell as it adds a dose of heavy gravity to your pelvis. Uninhibited vocal manipulation rises above the played out pitched down effect, venturing more into playfulness while shrouded in a mysterious air. Cold and sweaty, and very, very good.



KATIE DEY : Fear O’ The Light

Dense and immediate, Fear O’ The Light launches straight into a gentle overload of pop chords and circling melody. It’s a dizzying headspace, but a euphoric one, saturated with triumph at every turn. It’s an overload, but never overwhelming. Taken from the upcoming LP Flood Network. Life is a mystery, so is Katie Dey.