Singles: Big Smoke, Tkay Maidza & More

Wake me up when AFL Trade Week ends.


Big Smoke find a huge clearing of space in Wrong, invoking a huge landscape. It sounds bloody great, something akin to The Cars meets The Triffids. It meditates on the “don’t get me wrong” refrain, each shift loaded with impact.


THE LEMON TWIGS : As Long As We’re Together

The Lemon Twigs find victory in looseness, gliding with restraint until the glory of the chorus’s release. As Long As We’re Together is an anthem without conceit, every part feels important, the kind of track that’ll get your hand on your heart, hunched over while you belt out the chorus, then throw an arm around a mate. Gets you right in the sweet spot.


LOWER PLENTY : Bondi’s Dead

A breezy journey with a plaintive tinge, Bondi’s Dead delivers emotion with understatement, sprinkling in detached pop melody amongst the woozy guitar. Upcoming album Sister Sister looks set to maintain Lower Plenty’s high benchmark for quality.



TKAY MAIDZA : Simulation

Tkay’s had some decent tracks so far, but none we’re real contenders for a huge break-through banger for the crossover success she’s capable of pulling off. Simulation is that track. It ticks all the right boxes – on-trend dancehall-infused instrumental, a heaps strong hook. The sky’s the limit right here. Expect Simulation to be this summer’s go-to festival jam.