Full credit to Frankie Ocean for one of 2016’s greatest stitch-ups! Really brings us all together.


New Song kind of meanders about the place, which isn’t a terminal quality for a song, but here it tends to grate as a sense of overlong pervades. Best when it fully locks into a groove, with the slinky bassline proving the star, peppered with a few machine-gun snare rolls. Also the fact that New Song is a pretty dumbarse name for a song doesn’t help, ay.


TEETH & TONGUE : Turn, Turn, Turn

Their most commanding embrace of synth yet, Turn, Turn, Turn is a brooding slow-burner, building momentum with pulsing energy. When it hits a stride, it’s a ripper. There are moments when things get a bit too vocally busy, tripping up in a flow of expression. But it builds and builds, and explodes into something powerful at the finish line.


BANKS : Gemini Feed

There’s nothing really here to grab onto beyond a slightly interesting sonic palette. Having said that, it’s not really that interesting as far as sonic palettes go. There’s nothing terrible about Gemini Feed, but the elements don’t seem to click. The tension doesn’t compel, the hook fails to rise above middling festival-pop fare.



Well this is a pretty good time. There’s something goofy about the nostalgic synths underlying here, but it gives a great sense of character, the lyrics shimmer like a switchblade. Everything rides with a nod to The Cars-style power pop in the bridge and chorus, parlaying the twang in the verse into triumph. It’s a mark of strong evolution. Now chop us a full album of this, yeah?




Running at close to seven minutes, blisters has that uncanny knack of freezing time. It’s a comforting, though not entirely easy, envelope of sound, a gentle embrace tempered with uneasy emotion. The title track from serpentwithfeet’s debut EP is rich with reward – a rarity to savour. blisters doesn’t have a jaw-dropping moment of revelation, it doesn’t need one. We could be seeing the beginnings of something special here.