Simon Imrei on the magic of rhythm in music

Who are we chatting to? My name’s Simon and I’m a Mornington Peninsula born, southside dwelling singer/songwriter. I feel like I’m writing my Tinder profile.
What do you reckon people will say you sound like? I like to think it’s somewhere between bluesy guitar playing, funky grooves and folk storytelling. Kinda like if John Mayer was hanging out at a dive bar with Amos Lee, Neil Finn and Shane Nicholson.
What inspires your music most? I’m a guitar player now, but originally a drummer. For me, playing music is all about rhythm. Whether it’s the feel of a great group of musicians onstage or the movement of a piano part or subtly of a double bassist, there’s an underlying groove in everything I try and do. Pair that with the good, old-fashioned, brutally honest storytelling of a Jason Isbell or Ray LaMontagne and I’m set.
What’s one thing you love about making music? The recording studio in general. It’s a crazy, stressful, unpredictable environment, but there’s nothing like the feeling of walking out at the end of a night with a song that’s just come together that day, materialised out of nothing.
What can a punter expect from your live show? Most of the time, you’ll find me around town playing solo/duo acoustic gigs in front bars or little showcase nights. Every now and then I’ll be joined by my five-piece band where everything gets a little dirtier, a little louder and a whole lot more bluesy.

Simon Imrei will launch his single ‘Let Go’ at Bar Open on Sunday October 29, with special guests Delsinki Records & Brooke Taylor and Millington.