Silent Planet : 'When The End Began'

The US band miss the mark on their third album.

Californian metalcore outfit Silent Planet nail every cliche of this ‘no parents allowed’ genre, placing them in the same sphere as Britain’s Oceans Ate Alaska and Australia’s Northlane. The sounds that occur for the first two minutes and 14 seconds of the record in ‘Thus Spoke’, are purely atmospheric, with the final 40 seconds of it haunted by singer Garrett Russell growling a metaphor-heavy piece saying “creation and invention collide to provide” and “The night God slept everything was sound”.
And then the album seamlessly rips into ‘The New Eternity’, the album’s lead single that consists of all the ominous tenants – chugging guitar riff, drum pauses and a crushing chorus – that appeals to a demographic that it is more likely to utter “You’re not my real dad anyway,” than ask “Are you going to Coachella?”.
The songs ‘Visible Unseen’ and the less subtle ‘The Anatomy Of Time (Babel)’ confirm their Christian roots, though Russell has tweeted against being branded with this label, saying: “We write songs about topics we care about. Things that affect us/you… Personally, I try (and often fail) to follow Jesus.” You have been warned.