Sia : Everyday is Christmas

Christmas albums are a divisive concept. There are those who love when Decemberrolls around and it becomes acceptable to listen to holiday anthems again and again. If, however, you want something fresh, then Sia’s Everyday is Christmas will be music to your ears.
Wholly original Christmas albums, meaning no covers at all, are a rare beast, and Sia has delivered a good one here. Her unrivalled set of pipes deliver playful, powerful and poignant moments alike. From the first spin, they sound immediately familiar.
From opening track ‘Santa’s Coming For Us’ it’s clear this album is going to be unmistakably trademark Sia, mixed with plenty of festive cheer. ‘Candy Cane Lane’ sounds just as happy as the concept of a real lane of candy would undoubtedly be. ‘Snowman’ and the following track ‘Snowflake’ are the more subdued moments on the album, showcasing Sia’s vocal ability on the slower and softer end.
‘Ho Ho Ho’ shows off her trademark quirkiness, while ‘Puppies Are Forever’ is a fun nod to her work with animal adoption, and ‘Sunshine’ is just about the most joyous Christmas song imaginable. Sia might just be on to a classic here.