Sharon Van Etten's 'Remind Me Tomorrow' is her most unnerving album yet

The New Jersey songwriter shifts into the coterie of Nick Cave.

This recording is probably the most unnerving yet of Sharon Van Etten’s growing catalogue and hints at darker elements in both writing and sound. 

“Sitting at the bar / I told you everything / You said holy shit“ are the ominous opening lines of the record on the song ‘I Told You Everything’. The listener is drawn into the world of believing they are privy to some insight, some revelation as if in a confessional. By track two, ‘No One’s Easy To Love’ the sense of mystique grows. 

‘Comeback Kid’ is suitably a peak of sorts, just as the title suggests. Like stepping into an ‘80’s goth nightclub, which plays more endearing songs. As she sings ‘Don‘t Look Back’, the future does seem quite bright.

‘Seventeen’ is a heartfelt ode to her longterm hometown of New York City and is littered with many personal signposts. It is monochrome and fuzzy. An accomplished actor, she can shift into roles easily and into the coterie of musicians such as Nick Cave and The National. 

This tapestry of songs is not in the ilk of her previous recordings, but is certainly the type of record everyone should possess.