Share your favourite Aussie music memory and be a part of history

Your memories can join the Australian Music Vault. 

In a turn of events, the Aussie music industry is turning the spotlights onto its fans; Arts Centre Melbourne and the Australian Music Vault are calling all Aussie music fans to share their Favourite Australian Music Experience (FAME). 

Everyone’s got one: a gig, a band, an artist, a song, or a moment that shook their soul and changed them forever. Carl Gardiner, Music Industry Consultant of the AMV, explains, “Many of us carry our FAME around with us as a badge of honour – special memories that are integral parts of the soundtracks of our lives.”

And now, you can tell your story; FAME entries are now open, and the Australian Music Vault will curate the submissions. A small selection will be featured in the AMV exhibition or online later in the year.

However, the organisers realise that asking this question is like asking what your fave film. Thankfully, they’ve provided a few questions to get your creative juices flowing: what are you obsessed with? What do you know that we don’t know? What epic Aussie gig did you witness and cannot forget?

More information is available at the Australian Music Vault website. FAME entries close Sunday 17 June, with the winning entries announced on Thursday 28 June.