Shadow Electric's Iconic Bandroom to Close

The Shadow Electric Bandroom is closing at the Abbotsford Convent almost two years after making it its permanent home. It hosted live music four days a week, many of which were sold out shows. Its adjoining outdoor cinema was also a regular occurrence.

Tomorrow’s Cutting Shape’s second birthday is among those which hit capacity.
Its final show will be on Sunday July 3, at the Temporal Cast's Label Of Love showcase with Cale Sexton, Kangaroo Skull, Chiara Kickdrum, Jamal Amir and X Axis DJ.
The move comes after the Convent, which has 11 historic buildings over 16.8 acres and whose residents include a radio station, artist studios and cafes, is to start redeveloping its Sacred Heart Courtyard. Last month, it raised $60,000 through a crowd-funding campaign for its solar power initiative.
Shadow Electric is run by Jay Rayner and David Chestwig. Rayner posted: "We’re very proud of the program we have curated, delivered and promoted at the Convent over the last few years … We would like to thank all of the team for their support, patience and faith."
Shadow Electric will return to promoting arts, dance music, and live band events in different venues around Melbourne, and soon will announce plans of its outdoor cinema’s new site.

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