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Seth Sentry : This Was Tomorrow

The most successful hip hop music from an artist standpoint is that which is not afraid to get personal. This Was Tomorrow finds Melbourne rising star Seth Sentry looking at society and his place in it, creating a picture of someone that is full all the same emotions, concerns and issues are everybody else. While we wait on such prophesised items as jetpacks and flying cars, as shown on the apocalyptic album art, we have to deal the current reality, which Sentry is not afraid to do.


The relatable rapper takes us through a typical day, introducing the listener to many of the album’s running themes on opening cut Campfire. On album stand-out My Scene he tells outlandish yet believable tales about trying to fit into social groups. Almost serving as his reimagined version of the Hoodoo Gurus’ radio staple What’s My Scene? the track contains stories about unwittingly going out for drinks with business types and smoking weed with random hippies but still feeling dissatisfied.


The theme of unfulfilled future prophecies from the cover art continues in a tongue-in-cheek manner on Dear Science. While he expresses his gratitude for the iPod and other technological wonders, he asks scientists about the whereabouts of our damn jetpacks. For this and many other moments This Was Tomorrow is a triumph and easily one of Australia’s finest hip hop releases in 2012.




Best Track: Dear Science
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