Screamfeeder : Pop Guilt


It’s been 14 years since Screamfeeder have released an album and it’s like they’ve never left. Opening with the anthemic Half Lies, their new album sounds as bold as they ever have.
Kellie Lloyd and Tim Stewart – the main writing force behind Screamfeeder – have definitely brought it to the table with songs such as Got A Feeling, Alone in a Crowd and Sonic Souvenirs. After a few listens, you won’t be able to shake the melody of All Over It Again from your mind. Infectious and catchy as hell, this album is one that will be stuck in your mind for days. Without realising, you’ll be driving along or in the middle of the supermarket, and melodies from right across Pop Guilt will instantly come back to you. It’s all down to brilliant songwriting.
Sounding like the soundtrack to your friend’s high school party, this is an album that surprises again and again. Ballsy guitar and sweet rock vocal melodies make Pop Guilt an album that’ll keep you smiling.
By Tex Miller