'Scotty Doesn't Know' is now blasting out of the PM's personal website

There is no official word on whether or not Scotty knows his website has been hijacked.

Being that the Australian Government is basically just a walking meme at this point, it should come as no surprise that Prime Minister Scott Morrison's personal website will now greet you with Lustra's banger of a track, 'Scotty Doesn't Know'. Although to be fair, this was the work of a sly prankster rather than the dude running the country - though, for someone who refers to themselves as 'ScoMo', it really wouldn't be a shock if he was behind it. 

In a Facebook post, Digital Eagles employee Jack Genesin admitted he had purchased Morrison's website domain name for $50 when the PM's social media team failed to renew their ownership, giving him free reign of the website. Genesin took this as an opportunity to plaster the site with a photo of Morrison accompanied by 'Scotty Doesn't Know' playing on a loop. 

The website received such high traffic levels following Genesin's prank that it crashed, though it is now back up and running. According to Genesin in a post on Digital Eagles, he did try to contact Scotty to let him know about his new website upgrade and has offered to give him back the domain name now that he's had his fun with it. 

Head to scottmorrison.com.au for a good laugh while you can.