Scarp : Like A Dog

Scarp’s first effort, Like A Dog, is a solid foray into the weird realm between low-fi emo and shoegaze, paying homage to both genres while sliding in as a comfortable listen to any Bandcamp emo playlist. 

Taking cues from the American Midwest emo scene of the ‘90s and the revival scene of the later ‘00s, the release is full of warm tones that create a place of distance, wistfulness and comfort. It wraps around you like a snug blanket on a cold winter’s morning.
It’s almost contradictory to have the guiding focus of the music – the vocals – be so light. One might expect such a centrepiece to boom. In a way, they do – not because of sheer loudness but rather the quietness of everything else. The instruments are mixed behind it all, so much so that you’ll hear wailing guitar solos and intricate drumming patterns in the distance. This forces the listener to make a choice between lying back and enjoying the flowing sound or really getting engaged with the intricacies of it all. Either way, it’s an enjoyable ride and this approach to composition is both refreshing and promising. It’ll be interesting to see what comes next for Scarp.