Scalphunter : Lies


Scalphunter’s debut album Lies is the best Australian punk rock/hardcore release I’ve heard since Clowns’ 2013 debut I’m Not Right. The similarities and bond of these two bands is ratified by Clowns’ vocalist Stevie Williams featuring on the song Don’t Look Down.
Over ten songs and 29 minutes, Scalphunter relentlessly sledgehammer the listener with a barrage of mind-crushing musical fire and politically-charged lyrical brimstone.
‘A Lie They Called The Truth’ builds off a classic hardcore punk structure with a clearly-defined guitar lick that concertinas with crushing drums resulting in Knoth’slyrics crystal clear over the drum sections until backing vocals join in for the final chorus. With all the boxes ticked on a great hardcore track, the final ten seconds of the song enters an unexpected but welcomed breakdown that demonstrates an inspiration and creativity that I haven’t heard in this genre since 2007’s Orchestra Of Wolves, the debut from British hardcore band Gallows.
Almost 40 years on since this iteration of the punk genre was conceived, Scalphunter’s Lies is a pure expression of the ethos, spirit and aesthetic established by Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Minor Threat and Fugazi.