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Saskwatch : Leave It All Behind

There is an art to translating a dynamic live sound to the recorded format. Well-oiled musical machines like The Roots have struggled translating their raw live appeal. For some bands their studio recordings don’t do their sound justice, no matter how talented they may be. While their namesake may be elusive, Melbourne nine-piece Saskwatch have no trouble showcasing their unbridled soulful sound over 12 bristling tracks on their studio debut Leave It All Behind. The fact that this ensemble has gotten these tunes down is evident from the moment opening instrumental track The Delinquent kicks in. After the espionage tinged vibes have set the stage they take the tempo down a little for the slow burning lovelorn anthem Don’t Wanna Try. Like all classic soul divas lead vocalist Nkechi Anele delivers every word with a guttural and sensual intensity. This is best showcased on standout cuts such as the title track and the hard-driving Second Best. As a live soul outfit with a classic-inspired sound it is at times hard to avoid that dreaded tribute or cover band trap. The fact the album features a cover of the Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams duet Kids may not help. These factors aside, Saskwatch have delivered a cracking testament to their undeniable talent for crafting nourishing and party starting soul music.         



Best Track: Leave It All Behind
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In A Word: Nourishing