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Saskwatch Announce Album Launch Tour

2012 has well and truly been the year of Saskwatch. The Melbourne-based soul sensations have been one of the most talked about acts in the country, from slaying it at Golden Plains, to supporting certified funk and soul legends, to blowing the roof of Cherry Bar countless times, to their current stint in Edinburgh.

Thing is, it seems like it's only just getting started for Saskwatch. Their debut album Leave It All Behind is set to drop this Friday August 17, and is set to consolidate the outfit's remarkable rise.


To celebrate the launch, Saskwatch will hit the road after returning from 


As the initiated are aware, the Saskwatch live show is an experience not to be missed.


Later in the year, they'll be pulling off the rare Golden Plains/Meredith double. Nice.

Saskwatch perform at The Corner on Friday October 5.