The Sand Dollars : I Like The Look Of Your Sweater, Can I Have Your Number?


This debut EP from the Melbourne indie rockers explores every nook and cranny of the indie genre and then some. This five track EP traverses a range of genre themes with grace.
Lead-single Silence Is Gold fuses sizzling post-punk drumbeats with wavering surf-rock guitar sounds. No Cigar is an energetic opener that has the band’s singer, Michael Baini, shouting passionate lyrics. However, the track overstays its welcome by a minute or so. Love Dust features hip hop group True Live on a jarring soul tune. The surprising inclusion is a wonderful hip hop track that features shimmering guitars, funky drums and ferocious saxophone runs.
I Need is a slow-burning ballad that has a swaying groove and is a clear EP highlight. The seductive instrumentals blend delightfully with Baini’s rougher but impassioned vocals. The EP’s closer, Chops ends things with a compelling groove and detonating guitar solos. This EP is an exciting glance into what The Sand Dollars could do. As an experimental EP, it considers a great spread of ideas. It may not be cohesive, but it’s definitely promising.