Sampa The Great and a Technicolour Wonderland: Friday's top Melbourne Music Week gigs

Sip on whiskey cocktails with emotive punk rockers The Hard Aches, or hear the great Charlie Owen strumming in the State Library.

The Hard Aches + Bugs + Special Guest DJs

The pop-up Jack Daniel’s Barrel House will play host to this free (yes, free) event tonight on the picturesque Crown Riverwalk. Emotive, story-driven punk will be provided by The Hard Aches, while Bugs unleash infectiously happy pop that you might have heard on Triple J. Both bands weave their unmistakably Australian sound with narrative-based lyrics you won’t want to miss. With no word on who the special guest DJs are yet, you’ll just have to pop down to the pop-up to find out.

Charlie Owen In the Dome (Selling Fast)

For one night only (that's tonight), the great Australian guitarist Charlie Owen will be playing a unique show inside the State Library. Charlie Owen is one of the most prolific lead guitarists, playing in bands such as The New Christs, Tex, and Beasts of Bourbon. He even released an album with the legendary Paul Kelly. Influenced by the architecture and acoustics of the building itself, his once-in-a-lifetime show at the library is bound to be something people will talk about for years.

Technicolour Wonderland

Mo.Louie, Abraham Tilbury, Youthfire, and Sloe Motion have come together to create the immersive and diverse space that is Technicolour Wonderland. The night will kick off at The Ding Dong Lounge from 9 until the wee hours of the morning, bringing live music together with visual installations and roaming performers. Fall into this colourful and collaborative dreamscape for a chance to see a number of innovative Melbourne artists bring their wondrous ideas to life. It's set to be a dance party like no other.

Sampa The Great + Fortunes + The Harpoons (Sold Out)

Sampa The Great will grace Melbourne once again with her thought-provoking lyrics at St Paul's Cathedral. The performance will also feature hip-hop group Fortunes and neo-soul quartet The Harpoons. Those who were lucky enough to grab a ticket for tonight's show will be grooving along to some unique sounds until 3am. It's better luck next time for the rest of us.


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