Sailor & I : The Invention Of Loneliness


Sailor & I is the rather quaint and opaque alias for Swedish electro terrorist Alexander Sjodin. He lives the dream craving the rave wave.
Chameleon is like any pop take-off that harbours both the sense of the familiar and the new. Atmospheric convention exudes from the strains of Fire On The Moon. Referencing the pondering charm of David Sylvian with just the right mindset to produce a current triptych of anti-pop songs. "I want to run but my body is frozen" hints at something just a little special and sends some of the Swedish winter chill to mellow out the warmth.
The elaborate talents of the man sparkle on Free Your Mind From Me. Flickering Lights finds Sjodin in rare raw emotional form which ascends to a fall from apocalyptic delicateness.  That it is an instrumental helps.
Next To You has a superb blast of bombast. Paramount touches the euphoria of Yazoo with subtle dramatic vulnerability. Let’s hope that he does not knee-cap his career before he fully realises his potential. There is plenty of that here.
By Bronius Zumeris