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Sailor Days : Sailor Days

Biddy Connor has been performing in some of Melbourne's best musical endeavours for nigh on 15 years now, but never before with the confidence or gusto that she exudes as Sailor Days. Years in the making, Sailor Days is wonderfully and ably arranged, with clever pop songwriting and swooning harmonies at the forefront of each tune.


The brooding opener Species Counterpoint is utterly memorable and the beautiful tone and temper of Sailor Days does not relent.The Owl And The Rooster recalls one of the finest albums Connor has performed on, in Kes Band's seminal instrumental record, Kes Band II; being wiry and timbrous, it's warmth is it's beauty. The title track aches, plucked sounds and creaky resonance abounding. It all ends at Waltz For A Dodo, which is a unique expression of pop music at its most effectual. A heady debut, and an assured one.




Best Track: Waltz For A Dodo/The Owl And The Rooster

If You Like These, You'll Like This: PJ HARVEY, KES BAND, THE ORBWEAVERS


In A Word: Heartfelt