It’s truly hard not to simply adore Amy Shark

A sold out night at The Forum Theatre means bodies to bodies and beers on beers, and a sold out Amy Shark gig means tears and more tears. Shark by no means is known for holding back on honesty, and her Love Monster Tour was no exception.

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David Harris

It was straight into the deep end from the word go with ‘You Think I Think I Sound Like God’. Shark cloaked in a single spotlight, with just her and guitar was a jaw-dropping spectacle that had punters already in the palm of her hand. She moved smoothly into the explosive crowd favourite ‘Blood Brothers’. She took the crowd from the pits of raw honesty to jumping and singing with joy, and it was then you knew Shark’s show would have you feeling all kinds of feels.

“We started out pretty heavy there,” Shark chuckled. Punters may wipe away a couple stray tears, but the goosebumps didn’t fade. She launched into ‘Don’t Turn Around’ and remarkably it seemed every person in the room was singing her lyrics back to her with all they had. ‘All Loved Up’ – arguably an instant classic – proved to be a special live moment, as over 2,000 people, all of varying talent levels, sang and/or screamed out those phenomenal high notes. Naturally, none hit them quite as expertly as Shark herself.

One of the incredible things about Shark’s artistry is her storytelling abilities. She drew everyone in with her relatable and raw pre-song chats and, by giving fans a piece of her world, she pulled them in a little closer. Second to this is her mastery of the stripped back acoustic performance. Particularly for ‘Mess Her Up’, Shark toed the line between the beautifully sparse intro before knowing exactly when to crash into the full and intensive live ballad.

Unparalleled honesty and a sincere genuineness is what keeps Shark’s fans coming back, she doesn’t just leave it all on the stage, she extends her hands and shares her everything with you. Love Monster is the exception to this, from the word go she had punters firmly in her grasp.  Forgive the pun, but it’s truly hard not to simply adore her.

Highlight: The epic choir style sing-a-long with every single song.

Lowlight: Not too sound too cheesy, but definitely the lights coming on at the end of the night.

Crowd Favourite:  It would be a tie, ‘I Said Hi’ and Sharks cover of ‘Teenage Dirtbag’.