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The Rubens : The Rubens

Like any self-respecting indie band The Rubens have been hitting the trail and working to establish their name, which they have done. Their self-titled debut album, which despite their humble nature sounds like a seasoned world class band with years of experience. The Rubens is an 11 track odyssey full of pain and reflection, as well as joy and love. It is evident that the album, a collaboration between the four-piece band and veteran American producer David Kahne (The Strokes, New Order) was produced with tender care.


Opening track The Best We Got is the ultimate example of the union between band and producer, as soaring string arrangements meld with jagged bluesy guitar. The real star of the track however is vocalist Sam Margin, who drops relatable jewels about being young and looking for love. The love theme continues on rip roaring lead single My Gun, however this time it looks at the destructive nature of relationships. This time the highlight is the driving organ and hard hitting drum sound.


For the most part proceedings stay up-tempo however the band also shine when rocking out more brooding, slow burning tunes. Remaining on the fatalistic edge I’ll Surely Die exudes passion and you can feel genuine emotion, even while the subject matter remains somewhat mysterious. The album’s ultimate bluesy slow jam, one that will surely be a live favourite, is The Day you Went Away. Ruminating on a past relationship, Margin sings “I don’t want to be the one to stop you from having fun, I’ve held you back for long enough, it’s different when we fell in love.” Every word from Margin drips with a primal energy, as if the words are being pushed out. The simple yet intricate instrumental backing perfectly complements the picture he is painting.


A defining musical statement, The Rubens presents a band that is just getting started on an epic journey.  




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The Best We Got
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