The Rubens : LO LA RU

The Rubens’ sophomore LP Hoops showcased their inherent knack for experimenting, while LO LA RU proves the band truly can do anything.

The Rubens’ sophomore LP Hoops showcased their inherent knack for experimenting. It saw them delve into unexplored R&B and hip hop territory on tracks like ‘Hoops’ and ‘Bitter End’. Hoops set them up for mainstream consciousness, helped them tick off a few bucket list items, and here we are. Their latest jaunt LO LA RU has seen them enlist Wilder Zoby and Little Shalimar (of Run the Jewels) to create a potentially huge album.

‘Million Man’ was the first taste of the record. At first listen, it feels like you’re not listening to The Rubens. It sounds like any pop-ish middle of the road track. That changes the more you listen. It’s an uplifting banger, a major vibe.

Tracks like ‘Go On’ and ‘I Know’ see The Rubens challenge themselves, especially style wise as they delve further into those R&B and hip hop soundscapes.

‘Freakout’ is a point where the band have particularly succeeded. It’s sad, but beautiful. Margin’s vocals tell a story of heartbreak, and passion, which they’ve done so well on this record.

The Rubens have made a conscious effort to create something unique, beautiful, and different to what they’re used to. The result? A well-constructed album, proving they truly can do anything.