Rosie Burgess : Handful, Part Two


Australian folk and roots performer Rosie Burgess, who is clearly happy to embrace genre-bending eclecticism, shines on this enjoyable three-track EP.
On Run Through The Fire, featuring a distinctly Australian indie folk-pop vibe and a sunburst of ethereal vocals, Burgess strikes a deft balance between melancholy and melody. Despite its apparent minimalism, Raise You Up manages to grab attention with a tight percussive backbone and a subtle pop hook that reveals itself more with each listen. The unexpected appearance of a wonderfully restrained and precise guitar solo adds an appropriate dash of colour to the moody atmosphere that emanates from this quietly powerful song. Burgess closes the EP with On You Ride, a touching and loving tribute to her uncle, Greens MP John Kaye, who passed away last year. On this deeply personal track, which features excellent folk-pop guitar, the lyrics are subtle and poetic while the memorable central melody is both gentle and inviting.
The brief yet melodically bountiful Handful, Part Two functions as a tantalising sonic appetiser, leaving the impressed listener hungering for more songs from this talented performer.
By Graham Blackley