Rose Alea – Indigo Atlas

What is Indigo Atlas about? It’s about indigo, which is such a magical substance. It’s one of the deep blues – sea, sky, tiles in Morocco, precious stones, melancholy.  Maybe even more than that though, the show is about disappearing into yourself, a chance to lie down, think, imagine, rest. 

How do you and Casey work together in the piece? I’ll be performing original compositions and Casey will be painting with indigo ink, which will be projected in a live-feed around the Meat Market space. Casey describes ink as being entirely unpredictable, piano is similar in that it’s impossible to contain, so in a sense there are four of us working together.

Why is Melbourne Music Week so important? Art is important. I think it keeps us going, keeps the world-insanity at bay.  I read the other day music is ‘for the ones with soul.  For the ones with tempers.  For the mistresses, mad women and poets.’ Which is all of us in the end. Melbourne Music Week, and the music scene in general, is so full of talented musicians in this cool, interesting cultural hub.

What do you hope the audience take away from the show? I hope the audience take away something from inside themselves – this sort of music and the indigo ink are very much a vehicle to feel whatever you want or need to.  This show is a chance to lie down, rest and disappear into yourself.  So, I hope the audience can do that, and take away whatever they find in that space. 

Rose Alea will bring Indigo Atlas to the Meat Market on Sunday November 19, with special guest Casey Freeman, as part of Melbourne Music Week. BYO blankets.