Ronnie Winters on the ten year anniversary of Don’t You Fake It and what’s next for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

US post hardcore rockers The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus will soon be jet-setting to Australia to celebrate the ten year anniversary of their debut album, Don’t You Fake It.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus vocalist Ronnie Winter says the band has received nothing but great responses about the tour. “That’s the good thing about when we made the album,” Winter says. “It was basically a straightforward rock album with two guitars, bass, drums and vocals so it’s pretty easy to pull off live as we’ve been doing it for ten years.
“We’ve never done it all the way in the order we recorded it, without adding a bunch of other songs or taking some songs out of the album. We’ve never done it all the way through until this celebration, so it’s good fun. Everybody’s really been enjoying it and the vibe has been great.”
Winter’s favorite song from the album has changed over the years, but usually Your Guardian Angel tends to lead the way.
“We might not have played the whole album every tour, but we’ve always played a couple of songs from the album,” he says. “A lot of people know us for Face Down, and a lot of people that aren’t a fan of the band only know us for one song.
“If you’re a fan of the band, a lot of people like songs like Your Guardian Angel and Cat and Mouse.”
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus always have fun touring different places, and Winter says the bands they tour with make being on the road that much more enjoyable.
“I’ve got a lot of friends in bands. We’re really good friends with Hawthorne Heights,” he says. “We’ve toured a lot, we’ve done a lot of different countries with them as well as Australia, that was a really good run.
“I really had fun touring with 30 Seconds to Mars, Jared [Leto] is a really nice guy, he even bought us lunch one time. Those are my two favourite bands.”
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are no strangers to Australian shores, and one of the main reasons they keep coming back is because the crowds are so great.
 “It’s fun to do the ten year anniversary because we’re not trying to play anything other than that record,” he says. “You know we’re giving fans exactly what they want,” Winters says.
“Even when we play the new stuff over there; all the kids know the songs, they know all the singles, they’ve seen the videos, and that’s cool because not in every territory you go to that happens, so it’s fantastic and it really makes you want to keep going back.”
Winters says he feels great about heading over for the Australian tour. “Australia is a pretty beautiful country, and we always do our best to get out and see as much as we actually can over there. We’ve been there many times and have always had a good time.”
Right now they may be focusing on nostalgia, but that doesn’t mean that The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus aren’t always looking forward.
“We have the goal to continue to do things exactly the way we’ve been doing them, which is at our own pace, releasing music as we go,” he says. “We’re all a lot older now, we’re all dads and married and life has moved on but we’ve been given the opportunity to continue to make music for a career,” Winter says.
“As soon as we get back from this tour we’re starting production on our new album called The Awakening so I hope people like it. So far, it’s definitely a little bit heavier, but not heavy in a metal way; heavy in an honest way. A little dark, a little heavy.”
By Christine Tsimbis

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus will celebrate ten years of Don’t You Fake It at Max Watt’s on Wednesday May 10 and Friday May 12 (sold out). Support comes from Young Lions.