Rodriguez cancels upcoming Australian tour

The singer is unable to perform due to medical restrictions. 

Bad news for those who were set to see Rodriguez on his forthcoming Australian tour, the Sugarman has cancelled his scheduled February and March shows due to illness. 

While details surrounding the singer's health are scarce, Rodriguez has promised to reschedule his Australian tour once he is well enough, with an announcement to follow accordingly. The singer has also sent his regrets for letting down fans and for any inconveniences caused. 

In a statement, a spokesperson said "Rodriguez is very upset at having to let anyone down, and apologises to everyone affected for the inconvenience."

While you may have to wait a little longer than expected to see the elusive artist, you can bet it'll be worth the wait. Refunds will be issued to everyone who bought their tickets through official ticketing agencies.

If you bought your tickets with a credit card through Ticketmaster, you will receive an automatic refund. Head to the Ticketmaster website for more details on refunds.