Rock Guitar Lessons

How did you come to be involved with music and how long have you been working in the industry?
I have been running a guitar teaching studio professionally for half a decade.
What is it about this occupation that you enjoy so much – what motivates you to do what you do?
I love helping intermediate and advanced lead guitar players overcome the challenges and road blocks they are facing to develop the rock guitar playing ability they have always wanted.
What can people expect to gain from coming to Rock Guitar Lessons?
Students of Rock Guitar Lessons can expect to develop a confident command of correct rock guitar playing technique that will eradicate technical challenges and enable them to play technical passages with ease.
They can expect to learn the theoretical concepts that will result in them being able to play amazing improvised guitar solos every time.
They will also master the theoretical concepts that will allow them to write amazing riffs and rock songs, as well as so many other things.
What are some of the main problems you encounter with your students?
The main problem I encounter with students is poor technique that causes a myriad of different playing problems, the most frustrating include general inaccurate playing and roadblocks with any kind of speed development.
The other main problem is a lack of theoretical knowledge that forces rock guitarists to play within the same musical concepts over and over again. This causes them to feel frustrated and unmotivated about their guitar playing and falsely wonder if they have what it takes to play as well as they have always wanted to.
What services can you offer to prospective students? Rock Guitar Lessons specialises in lead guitar within rock styles and variations thereof. Students can expect to receive the very best in rock guitar tuition and receive the most effective solutions to technical and musical challenges they are experiencing within their rock guitar playing.
What styles of music do you ordinarily deal with?
Rock Guitar Lessons specialises in working with intermediate and advanced lead guitarists over the age of 18 with a primary focus on rock guitar styles and variations.
What sets you apart from other schools out there, and how do you get the best results for your students?
The most frustrating place in the playing development of a rock guitarist isn't the beginning, because in the beginning they didn't expect anything to be easy and they never had any expectations of themselves as a player. The most frustrating place in the playing development of a rock guitarist is when they have been playing for a number of years, learnt all the basics as well as a lot of advanced musical concepts, but still struggle and become frustrated everyday with persisting challenges within their playing. They thought that after all these years they would finally be playing the way they wanted to, but in some ways they feel they are still hovering around square one. These are the types of guitar players I help everyday.
I first chat with a potential student over the phone, then schedule a free lesson where I can develop an in-depth understanding of all the things they are struggling with, what they would like to improve and how they would like to play, then we get started developing the rock guitar playing ability they have always wanted.

ROCK GUITAR LESSONS is located at 27-29 Hoddle St, Richmond. See rockguitarlessons.com.au for more info.