Riflebirds : World Feels Wide


On their second album, World Feels Wide, Riflebirds continue to showcase their impressive blend of genres and instrumental formations, helped by the fact they’ve got six talented musicians in the group.
Opening track Last Train immediately puts your mind at ease, with a sweeping country melody and vocals from Rowan Roebig, while the guitar-heavy instrumental intro of Dark Highway builds to an Americana-inspired anthem.
Title track World Feels Wide is the strongest on the album, incorporating a bluesy organ riff, building to some impressive guitar. They’re Out To Get You starts with some handy guitar work, before adding the impressive saxophone from band member John Crocker. The sax returns on Wanderings, which is a bit grungier.
Apart from having the lengthiest title on the album, The Lamentable Curse of Mrs. Smith and the 74 Flood is also one of its catchiest thanks to the up-tempo drumming from Bon Krunic. The Mess kicks off with a very catchy harmonica intro, before unleashing Damien Toussaint’s impressive work on the keys.
The album ends strongly, with instrumental Jaisalmer treading into the realm of psychedelic, and Goodnight All, a slow ballad that’s simple but effective.
If you don’t mind a little country twang, this is the perfect music to accompany a boozy Sunday session – which is perhaps why Riflebirds have made a name for themselves at some of Melbourne's most popular venues. Be sure to check it out.