Riff Raiders

Why should we give Live Like You Mean It a listen? We approached this album in the way bands used to. They had time pressures to write and record the music while touring, which gave it an edge. The songs were written in a five-month burst, making no exception that each song had to be jam-packed with exciting riffs, melodies and words. It’s an album with an A-side and B-side; with absolutely no filler. It was recorded in a two-week burst using vintage gear to give it a warm sound.

Tell us about your latest single ‘D-GAF’. Riff Raiders is about creating new music in the classic rock style, riff-based rock of the ‘70s to ‘90s. Big vocals, big drums, very big guitars with catchy melodies. All our songs must have at least one riff. ‘D-GAF’ draws on the early-‘90s grungy rock’n’roll vibe.

You worked with Melbourne-based illustrator Brooke Penrose for your artwork. How did you get together? We wanted consistent artwork on our releases that were hand drawn in the classic comic strip style. Brooke’s style fitted the bill perfectly.  The character Riff is our mascot. This helped inspire the comic strip idea for the ‘D-GAF’ video.

For anyone unfamiliar, what can we expect from a Riff Raiders show? We play a solid set packed with a number of hard rock styles. As well as our originals, we mix it up with a few classic album tracks from Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Cheap Trick, Queen and Led Zeppelin.

Riff Raiders launch their debut album Live Like You Mean It at The Last Chance Rock & Bar on Saturday November 11, with special guests Moonshifter and Snark.