The Richmond Tigers club song is legit climbing the charts right now

It's Tiger time. Suck it, Ed Sheeran. 

As far as AFL theme songs go, Richmond's club song is as much of a banger as you'll possibly get. That 'yellow and black' call and response? That's just great songwriting. Period. Rhyming 'like the tigers of old' with 'we're strong and we're bold'? God damn. Bellissimo. *chef's kiss*. 

The absolute belter of a track has bolted up to Number 37 on the iTunes charts quicker than old mate Dustin Martin will be saying 'catch ya at Revs fellas' after the Big Dance on Saturday.  

They've pipped the likes of Ed Sheeran's schmaltzy track Perfect on the charts, as well as actual musical garbage Despacito. Hell, it's even charting higher than our cover stars Foo Fighters' track The Sky Is A Neighbourhood

Keep it coming, Richmond. First, we take the charts. Then we take home the glory. It's Tiger time.