Review: It is truly great to have Paramore back

As the Bleachers threw an awesome performance that earned plenty of love from the audience, the anticipation for Paramore’s arrival only heightened, and eventually fans were rewarded with Hayley Williams making an enthusiastic entry onstage and eagerly kickstarting the show.

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It was extremely evident that Paramore have been experimenting with a more pop-inspired sound, as they performed tracks from their newest album After Laughter. The audience sang along to hits such as ‘Fake Happyand ‘Caught In The Middle’ –the stage setup was a vibrant mix of colours to complement the band’s more synthesised vibes. It truly resonated with a ‘80s glam discotheque vibe, creating a fun atmosphere for everybody. 

Williams’ fiery spirit and boundless energy were remarkable; she was headbanging and energetically dancing around the stage, belting out each song with passion. Her intense love for performing shone, and the rest of the band was every bit as excited to be playing live for their thrilled fans.


They projected an exuberant performance of ‘Still Into You’, and it was very difficult to stop yourself responding to their infectious attitude. Williams also conveyed her softer side when singing ‘Hate To See Your Heart Break’,and the crowd responded to her vulnerable vocals by waving their phone torches side to side. The entire scene appeared as though it was lit with stars, and emotions were running high.

Right as you thought Paramore couldn’t out-do their fantastic performance, they dived straight into their classics, which drove everybody absolutely nuts, kicking the teenage-angsty nostalgia into overdrive. ‘Ignorance’was performed brilliantly, as Williams injected her lively passion into her vocals and the rest of the band let loose to the song. ‘That’s What You Get’was delivered with bouts of rage, throwing the audience into a frenzy as they jumped up and down and waved their hands wildly in the air.

It was particularly endearing to listen to Williams commemorate the band’s early days of touring in Melbourne. Everybody cheered as she spoke about how the band have been growing up not only together, but also with their fans, and how they’ve witnessed each other experience life. She mentioned how embarrassing her old journals from 2007 were, and how there was a page called ‘Misery Business’.


When they launched into that song the excitement from the audience went up ten-fold. It was amazing to witness how much more energised the environment became, and it proved that the nostalgia for Paramore’s early classics was burning within everyone.


They put on an awesome performance, and their musical journey as a band is to be celebrated.

Highlight: Williams inviting somebody from the audience to go onstage and sing part of the vocals for Misery Business; it was truly an interactive show.

Lowlight: The night went by too quickly; it felt like they should’ve played for longer.

Crowd Favourite: ‘Misery Business’ and ‘That’s What You Get’.