Review: Frank Ocean's lush new track 'Provider'

Listen to his new single here. 

The ever-elusive Frank Ocean is back with a new track, Provider, which premiered via his Blonded radio show over on Beats 1.

Sonically, the track picks up from where his revered album Blonde left off – pairing minimal, dry beats with lush atmospherics and of course, Ocean's pitch-perfect vocals. Celebrating its one-year anniversary, Blonde proved a watershed moment for the artist – commenting his status as a modern day R&B visionary.

Provider lets its pop tendencies shine through though, and is all the better for it. It makes for a worthwhile standalone track in Ocean's discography, even though it offers no clue as to what the next sonic step will be for him. Think of it more as a B-side, or a fleshed out thought from the Blond sessions that's been brought to life later in the game. Even though signs of progression are lacking though, however, it's all OK. Ocean's career has always panned out according to his own schedule, and he's yet to release a misstep yet.

With lilting, harmonised vocals over a warm Wurlitzer chord progression – Provider is a breezy slow jam that continues to reveal itself slowly with each listen. Frank Ocean is a master of the low-key hook, effortlessly phrasing his way through tracks that'll echo long through your mind after the first time hearing it. That's on fine display here. Plus, his falsetto is golden as always and the production is as lush as you'd expect. A slow burning gem that's a welcome compliment to the Ocean catalogue. Now, if he'd just go ahead and announce an Australian tour – that'd be fantastic. 

Listen to Frank Ocean's new track Provider below: