Remi - Divas & Demons


It’s just over two years since Remi’s debut LP Raw x Infinity dropped, and in that time things have gone gangbusters for the man and his partner in crime Sensible J. National and international headline tours, universal critical acclaim. Oh, and then there was that little thing called the Australian Music Prize. No surprise then that Divas and Demons has been one of the most highly anticipated records of 2016.
The album is punctuated by Sensible J’s stripped down music production, flowing lyrics, and a host of collaborations with some of this countries brightest up and comers on the hip hop and soul scene. The introspective subject matter traces the rise of Remi’s star: life, identity, being young and fucking up are the topics at the heart of Divas and Demons, delivered with a real honesty in his lyrics. No sugar coating, no fluff.
There’s a bit of a departure from the raw energy in their 2014 debut. Divas and Demons is flush with slower, R&B and soul elements, and a little less in your face. However, this doesn’t detract from the passion and genuineness of each track, nor from addressing important social issues to do with identity that are often swept under the rug. Collaborations with Sampa The Great on For Good and the beautiful vocals of Jordan Rakei on Lose Sleep stand out in particular, and the song without a chorus, Forsaken Man, with Sensible J cutting loose on the African drums is a personal favourite.
 A very impressive follow up to Raw x Infinity, showcasing why Remi and Sensible J have become such an important duo on the Australian music scene.