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Regurgitator And Disasteradio Set Sail

Effervescent Brisbane band, Regurgitator are spreading their sails once again for their annual cruise along the high seas of Australia, with plans to dock in Melbourne not once, not twice but thrice this August.

As they make plans to begin their national tour, the boys at Regurgitator, Quan Yeomans, Ben Ely and Peter Kostic have stirred up a whole new basket of material to delight the senses in their new album.
Their forthcoming record includes new season fashions filled with premier designer cults, an inspired rendition of a live soundtrack at last year's Sydney Opera House 'Graphic' festival, soccer scores with a short live performance at the A Grade Soccer Grandfinal, numerous shows in London, Dubai, Bahrain and the never far domestic regions with the 2010 Distractions Tour with guests Rat vs Possum, along with fun sets at Port Macquarie's Festival of the Sun, all served with a delicious side of new tracks.
Sailing the seas alongside Regurgitator will be special guests from New Zealand, Disasteradio.
Electroparty magnets Disasteradio have been touring the world non-stop since the 2007 release of their electronic-pop album, Visions. Now with a new release, Disasteradio's highly anticipated follow-up album, Charisma is treking its way down to Australia to get the party started.

The boat docks at The Ballarat Bended Elbow on Thursday August 25 and again at The HiFi Bar, Melbourne on Friday August 26 with the Melbourne leg of the tour concluding at The Geelong Bended Elbow on Saturday August 27. Tickets available from www.thehifi.com.au, phone 1300 843 4434, or www.regurgitator.oztix.com.au. 18+ only event