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The Refunds

How did you get together?

When a man is in the kitchen, preparing a mouth watering banquet it's only a matter of time before people bang on the door yelling, "WE WANT IN!" It's like, "Eat as much as you want. But could you peel the potatoes?" The RefuNds was born just like that. Without the chef hats.


If you could support any band in the world, who would it be and why?


Tim Minchin. More specifically, I'd like to setup an onstage piano dual. Our style is similar; his thoughts on open mindedness and spirituality make me know he'd love to dual me. I might write a song about him that will be the perfect glove slap. Heads up Tim.


Do you have a lucky it em of clothing you wear for gig?


I almost always wear a cape. At this stage I haven't quite figured out how to fly. We'll call it a work in progress. I don't like calling it 'lucky'. It's more part of a strategic plan... I plan to fly.


What's your favourite place to drink in Melbourne?


I like drinking tea at my house. It's nice there. Sometimes I like to fill a thermos with tea, get a guitar and then go 'follow the day' as they say.


When and where is your next show?


The next show is a BIG ONE at Revolver Upstairs Saturday July 30. It's our CD launch! You should come! I'll let you touch my cape.